Core Services of the Center

The Liver Center operates four biomedical core facilities to expedite and enhance the research performed by Center members. The Cores are designed to provide liver-specific services that are unavailable elsewhere within or outside UCSF. Overall, the four Cores offer Center members several tangible benefits: preferred access to specialized equipment, expert advice and assistance, and cost-efficient products to make the most of existing research dollars. The Cores are intended to serve both clinical and basic science researchers.

    Cell Biology Core

    Jacquelyn Maher, MD, Director

    • Primary Hepatocytes
    • Primary Nonparenchymal Cells
    • Human Liver Cells
    • Immortalized Cell Lines
    • Disease-specific iPSC
    • Training​


    Clinical & Translational Core

    Sandy Feng, MD, PhD, Director

    • Biostatistics Services
    • Patient Cohorts
    • Archived Human Tissue
    • Biospecimen Acquisition & Storage​



    Immunology Core

    Jody Baron, MD, PhD, Director

    • Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting
    • ELIspot & FLUOROspot
    • Single Cell Analysis & CyTOF
    • QPCR
    • Consultation & Training​


    Pathology & Imaging Core

    James Grenert, MD, PhD, Director

    • Routine Histology & IHC
    • Custom Histology & IHC
    • Microscopy & Imaging
    • Consultation & Training​


    Other Resources


    NORC Mouse Metabolism Core

    Allison Xu, PhD, Director